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TV 2510NL

Wireless amplified hearing system. High quality noise-free sound transmission through inductive neck loop, cuts out background noise when used in conjunction with hearing aids or Cochlea Implant receivers equipped with T function.

TV 2510NL
  • With optical audio input for brilliant stereo sound quality (you need a Toslink/F05 cable and your output device must be equipped with an optical output).
  • Sensitive built-in microphone enables hearing surrounding close proximity area (personal on/off activation from the receiver)
  • 3.5mm output in the receiver for optional connection of Ear Phones /Head Phones allowing Stereo sound transmission through the receiver
  • Mute sound source when surrounding microphone is activated
  • Easy to use adjustable volume control
  • Adjustable Tone Control & Balance for optimising sound quality
  • Completely wireless – easy plug-and-play connection
  • 2.4 GHz Digital UHF Transmission through walls and ceiling
  • Unique connection for secured opening and closing of the neck loop making it easy and quick to wear and remove
  • Rechargeable receiver (2 batteries included) with speed charging mechanism for simultaneous spare battery recharge
  • Ultra clear sound.
  • Auto-Off function when no audio signal is played
  • Supplied with external microphone and attachment

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TV 2510NL
TV 2510NL
TV 2510NL


1x Receiver with neck loop
1x Transmitter and charging base
1x Power supply
1x Instruction manual
1x RCA to 3.5mm connection
1x 3.5 to 3.5mm connection
1x 3.5 mm female to 6.3 mm male
1x External microphone with attachment
2x Batteries 3,7 V / 350 mA Lithium-Polymer



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Warranty: 24 months
EAN No.: 42 50711 903787
Sales carton: with EAN barcode 
Packaging unit: 6 sales cartons
Order No.: 903787