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TV 150

Wireless Hi-Fi-Stereo-Headset for TV and Hi-Fi-system

TV 150
  • Hi-Fi speakers deliver CD quality life-like stereo sounds (up to 120 dB) direct to your ears.
  • Superior comfort – it rests naturally and gently on your shoulders.
  • Adjustable Tone Control enhances dialogue clarity to suit your hearing.
  • Automatic Volume Control eliminates sudden loud noises and commercials.
  • Completely wireless – easy plug-and-play set-up connection.
  • Powerful transmitter covers a room up to 35 x 35 ft.
  • Rechargeable receiver (batteries included) with up to 25 hours of listening time.
  • Dual charging bays on transmitter for his and her individual receiver (one included, extra receivers sold separately TV 150-1).

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TV 150 Listener
TV 150 Receiver
TV 150 Listener
TV 150 Listener


1x Receiver
1x Transmitter base
1x AC adapter for the transmitter
2x Rechargeable batteries for the receiver (AAA NiMH – 600mAh)
2x Earphones
1x Audio cable
1x Audio adapter
4x Earbud covers (spare)
1x User guide



Product Information


Declaration of conformity


Warranty: 24 months
EAN No.: 42 60010 595378
Sales carton: with EAN barcode 
Packaging unit: 4 sales cartons
Order No.: 595378 (GB)