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TCL 410

Big display clock with automatic time setting, alarm by extra loud ring, ultra-bright light signal and vibration pad

TCL 410
  • Ideal for people with limited visual and/or hearing abilities, or in a loud environment
  • Detection of alarm tones from a smoke detector in the immediate vicinity (3 m) and acoustic/visual alarm forwarding and via an optional vibration pad (does not replace the obligation to install smoke alarms not included with the delivery)
  • Extra loud alarm above 95dB - can be continuously adjusted
  • Snooze function - sleep timer

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TCL 410
TCL 410


1x Clock
1x Power supply
1x Vibration pad
1x User manual



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Warranty: 24 months
EAN No.: 42 50711 907808
Sales carton: with EAN barcode
Packaging unit: 6 sales cartons
Order No.: 907808