amplicomms – The strong brand from Audioline

For almost 25 years now, Audioline GmbH has been developing telecommunication devices for private and business users, citizen's band devices, baby phones, office electronics and mobile communication accessories. During this time, well over ten million Audioline devices have found their way into German homes and offices, and have proved their worth there thanks to first-class quality and a long working life.

Experts in our Technology Centre in England are continually working on the technical development and modern, ergonomic designs of new and innovative products. In this way, we continue to set new standards and ensure that our products always meet the expectations and demands of our customers.

One result of the successful research and development is the amplicomms product range.

Under the amplicom brand name we offer a range of extremely specialised phones for users with impaired hearing and sight and for elderly people. The functions of these phones are totally oriented to the needs of persons with audiovisual handicaps, but can naturally also be used at home and in the office by users with and without hearing impairments.

All of the models in this range optimally combine functionality, technology and design, and offer features such as compatibility with hearing aids, extremely high reception volume and extra-loud ringing tones.

Seal of Approval from the German
Gerontology Technology Association (GGT)

Signed and sealed quality


The seal of approval from the German Gerontology Association (GGT) provides all consumers with the assurance that they have purchased a highly suitable product for their needs, and that they can rely on a first-class service. GGT seals of approval confirm that products or services are particularly suitable in terms of functionality, ease of use, and care and maintenance.

The GGT tests the user-friendliness of a product under real-life conditions. The products are tested and evaluated in normal day-to-day use by different groups of users. Products are also tested by the nationwide GGT panel. Let's face it: Who can evaluate a product better than the actual users? With a positive result, meaning that the product has to achieve a rating of 2.4 (Good), the GGT awards the product the GGT seal of approval.

The criteria

The test criteria for a product are selected from an extensive catalogue. Decisive criteria are, for example: Ease of use – visual impression – resilience – functionality – workmanship – care and maintenance – susceptibility to faults – effort required for its use – therapeutic benefits – safety. Specific scientifically based criteria are also defined and applied.

Tested and approved by the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV)

The GGT has closely collaborated for many years now with the Rhineland Technical Inspectorate in Cologne. For all products that are subject to special safety requirements, we require that the products are not only user-friendly but also bear the seal of approval of the German Technical Inspectorate (TÜV). The GGT coordinates this TÜV approval process.

Granting of approval

If our tests have shown that a product fulfils the criteria and requirements in terms of user-friendly design and handling, the manufacturer is granted the right to use the GGT seal of approval on that product, on packaging, in correspondence and documentation, in presentations and for advertising purposes.